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Marketing Automation Prices (including the ones you’ve never heard of)

Marketing Automation Prices and Research

Ordered from low to high prices (free is highlighted)

Inbox25 ($99/month — very basic plan)

Infusion Soft (as low as $219/month — higher packages include a CRM tool) 

LoopFuse (Free plan or as low as $295/month)

Office AutoPilot (as low as $297/month) 

Optify (Free plan or as low as $300/month)   

MindMatrix (as low as $325/month + it’s the #2 Marketing Automation tool as evaluated by

Active Conversion  (as low as $399/month) 

Genius (Free and as low as $400/month) 

Act On (as low as $500/month) 

Sales Fusion (As low as $550/month)

Hubspot (as low as $600/month — don’t bother considering their $200/month offer because it only offers landing pages that don’t work on your site. It only works as a landing page or subdomain within the HubSpot wysiwyg tool.)

Net Results (as low as $800/month + it’s the #1 Marketing Automation tool as evaluated by ) 

Silver Pop (as low as $800/month) 

Etrigue (as low as $1000/month) 

Pardot (as low as $1,000/month) 

Marketo  (as low as $1,995/month)  

Eloqua (as low as $2000/month) 

Neolane (they don’t publish their prices but industry expert, David Raab posted prices starting ing the $4000/month range here and Marketing Automation News lists some prices here)

Aprimo doesn’t reveal their pricing but a rep there emailed me a  $175,000 budget starting requirement. 

Marketing Automation Done Right = $ 

If you’re doing Marketing Automation right, you may want to upgrade from the cheaper entry-level tools as you see the value in these tools. 

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