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Sales Intelligence: A Short Primer

Did you ever read the Forbes story about how Target knew a girl was pregnant before her father? 

Why should you care?

The bottom line of sales is closing deals. Big deals. To do that you must connect with the right people at the right time in the right ways with the right product. Craig Elias highlights the importance of the “Trigger Events” regularly in his Shift Selling blog. There area a number of data sharing tactics that can help convert your customer data into cash before the competition. But Sales Intelligence, with all other factors being equal, can be the big advantage-maker and makes the “big deal” difference. That’s why you should care if you’re in any form of sales work.

The Target story is only the tip of the iceberg in the future of big (and small) sales deals. If you’re in sales, one of the top areas you should be watching and informed about is Predictive Analytics. 

The future is fewer outbound cold calls and more outbound (and inbound) warm calls.

We can thank computer scientists from the Text Mining and Predictive Analytics fields for that, as well as much of the resulting Listening Platform software that comes from those fields.  Let me explain with an example why these Computer Science disciplines are so important to sales. 

Ethical Stalking

A while ago, my boss asked me to research a sales lead that came in through our web site.

Within 10 minutes here is what I knew about the woman who made an inquiry on our web site:


Most people in the sales intelligence business are not surprised by the above and don’t respond as my boss did (see below).


If surprises you, consider that I found all that with 4 products (3 of them free): Wassup Plugin, Clicky, Google Analytics and Google Search. 

Imagine what I might have found if I had used a tool like Radian6 or Oracle Fusion Sales Predictor at my disposal? 

If you don’t know what those tools are and what they do, you need to know. Here is the 50,000-foot view: Predictive Analytics, Listening Platforms and Marketing Automation

And if you just want to get started now, watch this DIY tutorial or just  buy one of these tools.

Hope that helps!