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Our Ranking of 11 Marketing Automation Products

Warning! This may be the pickiest Marketing Automation Criteria Matrix you’ve ever read.

Recently, I did a *very* unique 7-Criteria Marketing Automation Vendor Analysis for a client.

In the end, I narrowed it down to the top 3 contenders in this Matrix. But my client’s unique needs meant they paid more than you might have to.

Be Less Picky to Save Money on Marketing Automation!

Check out the Matrix here (PDF) and score them yourself!

We make it easy! Sort (and score) the vendors by the criteria that matter to you and *BAM* an easier Marketing Automation decision!

Download the Excel version of our 7-Criteria Marketing Automation Vendor Analysis

HubSpot, Pardot, LoopFuse, Net-Results, Eloqua, Marketo, Infusion Soft, Act-On, SilverPop, HyLy, Office Autopilot

  1. Must allow client to “plug in” Marketing Automation tool into their own internal email tool. Specifically, it had to route smtp mail through their smtp via credentials they set up. Marketing Automation vendor had to set up a bounce and complaint processing tool that will accept HTTP posts via the third-party email platform for handling bounces and complaints that needed to be processed.
  2. Integrate with Salesforce (preferrably bi-directionally)
  3. Include webhooks (at a minimum) or a full API (preferred)
  4. Resolve “Network Domain" of visitors (at a minimum) or resolve full customer profiles using InsideView,, RapLeaf, FullContact, Demandbase etc. and deliver the multi-channel attribution on the “path to conversion” over time (preferred).
  5. Must fall within price expectations
  6. Software (or API) integrates with google analytics (preferred) or Adobe Site-catalyst
  7. Overall Integration Ability Score (from 1 to 3)

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